What colors to choose for a nursery?

What colors to choose for a nursery?

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If generations of babies have had a pink room for girls and blue for boys, other possibilities exist… Christelle Sauzet, stylist, interior decorator and author of the book "Color in my decoration", helps us to make original and appropriate choices for a nursery.

Draw in soft shades

The first piece of advice that Christelle Sauzet gives us is to choose a soft and soothing color. If toys often display primary colors to awaken the baby's senses, the ambiance of the room can be relaxing and reassuring.

Choose according to the orientation of the room

There is no ideal color, because each color will have a different rendering depending on the light present in the room. So in order to find a certain balance, it is better to take into account the sunshine of the room before choosing the color of the walls. If the room is oriented to the north, prefer warm colors like yellow or orange, always in very soft shades. If, on the contrary, the room is very sunny, it is better to "refresh" it with colder shades such as green or blue for example.

A good idea: green

Green is an increasingly popular color with the craze for ecology and it is perfect for a baby's room. Provided it is in a soft shade! We think of water green, opaline green, lichen green, split pea green, jade green, lime green ... which will sometimes have shades of gray or blue.

Another good idea: the lilac

Between pink and purple, lilac is soothing and can be suitable for a baby's room, whether a girl or a boy. Various shades of lilac exist, such as lilac-marshmallow or lilac-pearl for example. Combined with white furniture, this shade brings a very soft atmosphere. And for more information, think of the book "Color in my decoration". Many tips illustrated with several photos will allow you to choose your colors per room. You will also find a very wide color chart allowing to visualize the various associations of colors. "Color in my decor"

Christelle Sauzet Published October 15, 2010 Editions Fleurus 30 euros


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