The top 12 decoration at Monsieur Meuble

The top 12 decoration at Monsieur Meuble

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If Mr. Meuble is not known to be a very trendy brand, its entire range has been redesigned for two years for a more contemporary style. Discover the new Monsieur Meuble!

Nature atmosphere

Monsieur Meuble chooses natural materials such as wood (with cherry, linden, oak, acacia, elm) for many of his pieces of furniture and leaves them raw. Many pieces are thus well anchored in the natural atmospheres that we see more and more in decoration signs. A chest of drawers in oak veneered particle board and metal drawer handles illustrates this trend at Monsieur Meuble. Also a solid acacia bedside table with rectilinear shapes, in tune with the times…

Colorful atmosphere

This is a great novelty at Monsieur Meuble, an almost ethnic and cosmopolitan trend with multiple colors is slowly emerging thanks to some very original furniture. A chest of drawers in baroque forms but in bright colors like red, green, pink, orange, blue… is very revealing of these new products. The chest of drawers, each of which has a different color, is also a good example.

City atmosphere

The inhabitants of the cities are not forgotten and the lounges were particularly worked for an urban public. Almost design, white leather sofas and armchairs display clean lines and low seats. Some models use details of famous sofas and armchairs designed by designers from the 1950s, for example.

Baroque atmosphere

Finally, lovers of old furniture from the classical era are not forgotten since several pieces clearly display their Baroque forms. We note the black sideboard with four doors in lime and solid tulip tree with cherry veneer. The console in natural and white wood with rounded shapes in a Louis XV style. But this is just a taste, the whole new collection will be unveiled in early 2011…


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