6 DIY to make your own desk

6 DIY to make your own desk

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And now, the bells of the start of the school year have just rang the end of the holidays. It's hard to get back in the bath when the summer temperatures are still there! So, to console yourself, what could be better than a new, pretty and well-organized office? Ideal for re-motivating! Whether you work on your own from home or are still studying, the office is obviously a place conducive to work and creation. Small writing desk in a corner of the living room, secretary in the entrance, drawing table in the office… So many forms and functions for this essential piece of furniture! If the furniture giants now offer a wide selection of shapes, materials and colors, perhaps you will want more authenticity this year. The trend is for Do It Yourself, so why not make your own office? With that, you are sure to get a rendering that is out of the ordinary ... While controlling your budget. For young and old, our selection of tutorials to make your home office!

1. An OSB version desktop

© Blueberry Home You may have seen it appear in the latest interior design magazines. The OSB, this material initially used in the structural trades, is now the darling of designers! It is used today as a finish: furniture, wall section or total look for a woody spirit. We love her speckled appearance light in color and its raw look. Painted, varnished or stained, it easily supports treatments and has the advantage of being very resistant. The good news is that it can be found in all DIY stores. Ideal for creating an office at a low price! So, ready to melt for the OSB? Without further ado, head to the blog Blueberry Home and his smart advice to create an OSB office.

2. A concrete office

© Tired of this basic office and first price that you find in all your colleagues? What if we opted for the mineral aspect of concrete? For an office with a raw and original look, 100% guaranteed success! Rather than get rid of your old desk and buy a new one, we customize. Thanks to the market offer, we find today resinous coatings to be applied with a trowel. Ideal for a mineral concrete effect! Inexpensive and easy to apply, here is a solution economical and ecological. No more waste, we upcycle! Visit the blog of C By Clémence for this Do It Yourself special concrete office.

3. A space-saving office

© Merci Raoul Given the limited space, we had given up on the idea of ​​having one. We can be reassured: an office, even in a small apartment, it's possible! Sometimes it only takes a few things to create a small workspace of your own. And all this, without neglecting the practical aspect: keeping storage areas! Nothing could be simpler, just take advantage of the height of the room. Two racks on the wall, some pretty shelves cleverly arranged, and voila. We file on the blog Thank you Raoul see this Do It Yourself for a space-saving desk!

4. An office with an industrial look

© My Slow Life Fancy an office with an industrial look? Only here, prices fly quickly when looking for a truly original model. What if the solution was to make it yourself? For this, classified ads are full of good plans. You must have met there one day an old Singer sewing machine table ! We can find very beautiful for a few tens of euros (we don't hesitate to negotiate). We are only missinga nice wooden tray, and voila (almost)! For all assembly details, head to this special upcycling tutorial signed My Slow Life.

5. A cabin office

© The traffickers After the adults, turn of the children now! And if our dear blond head was until then reluctant to the idea of ​​doing homework, we found the parade. Nothing like a pretty cabin to study reading and math! An old office schoolboy and some cleats painted white... That's about all you will need to make this smart and cute tutorial signed The traffickers ! What if homework now becomes child's play?

6. A copper desk

© Mon Bébé à Bruxelles Unless a more industrial decoration fits your interior atmosphere better? In this case, we opt for this pretty copper desk to the delight of our toddler! Some tubes purchased from the plumbing department and two wooden planks, a little imagination ... And let the magic happen! To achieve this, we head to the blog My Baby In Brussels, for a special Do It Yourself children's desk. A few ideas, a bit of elbow grease and a touch of ingenuity ... It only takes a few things to create a beautiful workspace. So which office will you choose to brighten up your back to school?