Decorative well-being: an air-conditioned mattress topper

Decorative well-being: an air-conditioned mattress topper

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Body temperature plays an essential role in getting a good night's sleep. The cold or the night heat could even have therapeutic effects thanks to the air-conditioned mattress topper. Explanations. In normal times, we maintain our body temperature around 36.7 ° C. But a lower temperature has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect (decrease in venous caliber). The cold is therefore an ally against heavy legs, and any problem of night heat. Conversely, a higher temperature promotes blood flow, relaxes the muscles and fights aches, low back pain and other contractures. The hot will also solve all cold end problems.

How does the air-conditioned mattress topper work?

Designed by an angiologist phlebologist, Climsom allows you to cool the very surface on which the sleeper lies, from 18 ° to 48 ° C. It is placed under the fitted sheet and adapts to all bedding. The water, heated or cooled by a thermo-controller placed under the bed, flows through a network of fine tubes in the mattress topper to bring the bed to the desired temperature. A remote control allows you to control the temperature to the nearest degree to provide you with the desired comfort. Price: 140x190 cm mattress topper: 419 euros.