8 tips for delimiting space in a studio

8 tips for delimiting space in a studio

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It's official, you have finally found a studio for the start of the school year! In terms of amenities, we will now have to organize ourselves in terms of space. Optimizing a dining area, setting up your office, fitting out an intimate sleeping area… So many spaces to delimit in this limited area! But how do you go about giving this unique piece so many different functions? What tips for setting up a relaxation area out of sight? How to separate the spaces without slowing down the light? No need to upset the owner, removable and easy installation solutions exist! Without further ado, here are our 8 best tips for defining the space in your new studio.

1. A double-sided library

© It is the first solution to combine aesthetic appearance and practicality. Used as a separation, the library allows create storage and of dissociate two spaces. We choose it open on both sides, in order to be able to store objects on both sides. Books, clothes, pretty boxes, plants and various decorative items… There is no shortage of ideas to separate the dining area from the living room, or the office from the sleeping area. Today there are bookcases with door or drawer modules, to arrange as desired. Another system, but just as practical, the stackable cube modules like the Cubits. For clarity, we can also leave some empty boxes. Nothing like it to let the light through!

2. A colored rectangle

© Leroy Merlin To give a particular function to a space, sometimes it only takes a few things. For example, a nice colored rectangle on a wall can delimit an area in an elegant and original way. For the start of the school year, we recommend the curry yellow, very trendy, to bring pep's and light to the room. And why not a few strips of pretty wallpaper? A small console and two shelves, enough to create a office space delightful. That's it !

3. An elegant screen

© It had fallen slightly into disuse, but now it announces its return. The screen, practical and elegant, allows you to modulate the space brilliantly! For an extra separation or as a real decorative asset, it is particularly appreciated for dissociating living room and sleeping area. Its big advantage: it unfolds and folds in the blink of an eye. A real asset for small spaces! Macramé version, cane, shutters, lacquered wood, bamboo, fabric or Japanese rice paper… There is something for every taste. And why not make it yourself? There are now many Do It Yourself on the canvas to create your own screen. It's your turn !

4. Pretty curtains

© The best blackout / Castorama Solution practical and affordable, the curtains make it possible to partition a space in a less radical way. Open, they do not spoil the perspectives of the room, and closed, they provide the necessary privacy. We choose them in beautiful colors and materials, preferably natural, with an elegant fall. Fluid and clear, they will let light through in the living room. And to close the sleeping area? We create a very soft cocoon with beautiful curtains in velvet, THE flagship material for the new school year. Quick and easy to install, it is the solution par excellence for dissociate two spaces without doing heavy work.

5. Japanese signs

© Leroy Merlin Another solution: Japanese panels, Zen style, which are presented as an alternative to curtains. Sliding attached to the ceiling, they offer a separation modular and refined. There are now many different models, sober or colorful, with patterns… They have the advantage of let the light through while cutting opposite. We love their sobriety and their ease of installation, while being less radical than a real partition. When you no longer need them, just fold them over to one side to enlarge the space. Ideal isn't it?

6. A workshop canopy

© Castorama / Vitra All dressed in glass, it has been in the wind for some time now. We no longer present the canopy, bright and trendy, adulated for its industrial and arty look. White, black or colored metal, it goes with almost any universe. Its main asset of seduction? She lets the light through. But that's not all ! Positioned in separation from the kitchenette and the living area, it prevents kitchen odors from invading the whole apartment. It also goes perfectly with the bedroom universe, and allows in particular to create a small sound barrier. Rather practical when you live as a couple in a small space: no longer had to endure the sound of television when we decided to go to bed! Today, there is a wide variety of canopies at low prices. Some are even on pistons and settle in the blink of an eye. No need to do heavy work!

7. A sleeping loft

© EVTOD For save space in a small studio, nothing like a mezzanine bed! This great classic is essential space saving on the ground undeniable. If your studio is not originally equipped with it, nothing prevents you from furnishing it accordingly. Today there is a large choice of “mezzanine” beds. In black metal, industrial version, in raw wood for an authentic or white look for a sober and bright interior… There are a multitude of variants ready to integrate your cozy little nest. Thanks to this solution, you no longer have to cook on your knees on the bed! Below, we create a small comfortable and cozy living room or one corner office, to be on top of revisions. The additional square meters are yours!

8. A plant partition

© hello blogzine / Green Power If you have a green thumb, you could also have desires for greenery and authenticity. Less compartmentalized than the previous solutions, we are thinking in particular of a vegetable separation. Some bamboo or areca in pretty planters on the ground, drooping plants suspended by a clever set of cables ... And here is a vertical garden taking shape, dividing the space in a harmonious and subtle way. Another tip that we particularly like: the green wardrobe. A few climbers arranged at the base of the wardrobe, a little linen thread to help the plants to go up… You are with a pretty natural and original separation !Like what, no need to have a huge apartment to feel good at home ... A few ideas are sometimes enough to transform a rikiki studio into a small, cozy and functional nest. So it's your turn to play now!


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