MySquare, a multi-purpose square

MySquare, a multi-purpose square

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MySquare is a new plant concept that offers many possibilities for greening your interior. It all depends on how you want to use it.

MySquare, an original concept

It is a frame 15 x 15 cm with pure lines, which contains a refill made of a block of welcoming compressed soil, the Vertibloc®. Naturally nutritious, the roots develop there as in a classic potting soil while remaining clean. Land and plants become one. To change plants, simply change the Vertibloc® refill.

The different MySquare available?

There are four frame colors to choose from (black, white, red, gray) and five types of plants: thyme, oregano, mint, basil and decorative depolluting plants.

Where to install MySquare?

It can be used as a plant table, frame, centerpiece and just as a natural decoration on a table or shelf. You can put it anywhere you want, or you hang it on the wall. Thanks to the compressed earth principle, nothing falls!

Some examples of uses

By assembling several MySquare, you can play with the colors and the different leaves for a very interesting decorative effect. In the kitchen, it is used as a mini vegetable garden of aromatic herbs which can be used all year round. It is both useful and pretty. In the office, it allows you to have your private mini garden without putting soil everywhere. If you choose a module with depolluting plants, you take the opportunity to improve your working environment.

How much does MySquare cost?

The price is 29.90 euros, regardless of the choice of color and plant.

Where to buy MySquare?

On www.mysquare.fr