5 decorative ideas around the wicker basket

5 decorative ideas around the wicker basket

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Contrary to popular belief, the wicker basket is not obsolete and can also be very useful in everyday life in the house. Here are some decorative ideas around the wicker basket for a very natural atmosphere.

In the bathroom

For this room, we often want something natural, the wicker basket is therefore particularly suitable for the bathroom. You can use it to store your towels and other linens. It even fits in open furniture to serve as a drawer. Another idea, it can contain your dirty laundry and be used in a laundry chest.

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is an ally of storage. Any size and shape, it can be used to store your cutlery, your utensils or even be used in a vegetable drawer. He will gladly welcome your potatoes or onions to play fully on the spirit of nature and countryside.

To carry

A basket is primarily used for transporting, so use it as such! When you have lunch on the terrace or in the garden, put everything you need to avoid making several trips.

At table !

Of course, it is also an accessory for tableware. Fruit or bread basket, it will always find its place during a convivial meal…

For the living room

You can choose very large baskets and play on their sculptural and decorative aspect. You will thus use your basket as a pot holder for your plants or even as a log basket near a fireplace. Discover our selection of wicker baskets:


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