Barbecue party: the accessories you need

Barbecue party: the accessories you need

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With good weather, it is an opportunity to have lunch and dinner outside. Whether at home or in nature, picnics and barbecues are in the spotlight. It's up to you to choose the right accessories for a successful convivial moment. For your meals outside, nothing like the barbecue. To optimize it, choose a small model that will be transportable. You can take it to the beach or camping. As for accessories, bet on the art of the special picnic table. So no risk of breakage with plastic dishes but beware, plastic yes, but chic plastic. We put on designer and poetic plates and ultra colored glasses. For cutlery, plastic imitations of silver cutlery will look great. Finally for relaxation, we do not forget the Chilean history of taking a little nap after the meal while sunbathing. Discover our selection of accessories for your summer barbecues: Other articles & Photos around barbecues: News and trends on barbecues, What type of barbecue to choose?, Photos of barbecue: our favorites.


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