The corridor, a great storage space

The corridor, a great storage space

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Often left behind in terms of decoration and layout, the corridor nevertheless represents a significant space for storing and organizing your apartment or house. Its long shape and narrow width still deserve a specific arrangement of furniture and accessories, in order to optimize the storage space without obstructing traffic. Explanations.

Choose suitable furniture

A rule of thumb is to respect when planning your corridor: opt for very wide and shallow furniture. Console, bookcase, bench or shoe cabinets must therefore imperatively respect this provision in order to leave the free space necessary for circulation. Also remember not to overload the surface of your hallway, which would make it even narrower visually. We therefore have a maximum of one or two pieces of furniture that we choose "multifunction". The bench for taking off your shoes hides a storage chest, the library acts as a console for storing keys and mail, etc.

Clever use of space

The corridor space can take on different functions. With shelves, it becomes a decorative space or a library; a wardrobe or coat hooks transform it into a dressing room; A console with a mirror placed above allows you to readjust before going out… It's up to you to find the idea and the decoration that best suit your interior!


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