A designer and colorful broom vacuum cleaner

A designer and colorful broom vacuum cleaner

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In recent years, the vacuum cleaner must not only be efficient but must have an impeccable design. Almost thought of as a sculpture, there is no longer any shame in leaving it outside. "Freejet 3 in 1" from Hoover is one of those vacuums that you can show off without complex. Available in four bright and modern colors such as orange, blue, purple and green, this range offers a sleek design with simplified shapes that make it an almost futuristic object. Besides, its characteristics are up to its appearance with 3 functions in 1 single device. It is at the same time broom vacuum cleaner, beater and vacuum cleaner. The stick vacuum mode is ideal for hard floors such as tiles or parquet while the mixer will be very useful for deep cleaning of carpets. Finally, to quickly vacuum small areas, a vacuum cleaner can be removed from the broom. On the technical side, Freejet 3 in 1 stands on its own without having to be placed on a base. It has an autonomy of 30 minutes and a tank that can hold up to 700 ml of dust. Price 149 euros> More info on resume_produit: 526 506,526 416,526 414,526 508


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