Do you know the Bolon?

Do you know the Bolon?

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A coating resistant to passage, easy to clean and non-slip, these are the main advantages of the Bolon. Created by a Swedish company in the 1960s, the Bolon is today distributed in France only by the company Artepy. Discover a practical and now ecological coating thanks to its new Botanic collection. Despite a textile aspect, the Bolon woven to the warp is nevertheless made of vinyl. The material of which it is made makes it a coating rot-proof, non-slip and easy to clean . The multiplicity of colors available for vinyl threads offers the Bolon various aesthetic choices in a contemporary spirit. Some coatings look like coconut, others have a metallic appearance… 70 different models are thus offered. The latest collection dating from 2009, Botanic, is part of the trend of eco-responsible development. Its materials are 100% recyclable and the manufacturing processes studied to pollute less . This spirit should also be applied to all Bolon collections in the years to come. On the motif side, Bolon coverings are either plain, striped or even checkered thanks to the interweaving of vinyl threads. For colors, the latest Botanic collection gives pride of place to green, gray and blue . But we also find in the other collections of the chocolate, plum, orange, beige, black … The Bolon is available in 50x50cm slabs and in 25cm x 2m strips for a thickness of around 3mm. Note: the Bolon also exists in wall covering and carpet


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