Green goes to the table

Green goes to the table

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The good idea when you invite the color of nature to the table is to use it in small touches to enhance it.

Rather than a very green tablecloth, prefer some green accessories: neatly folded napkins, tinted glasses of wine, or jade, meadow or mint colored plates.

2 or 3 decorative notes directly from the garden are also welcome: ferns in a vase, ivy arranged to create a table runner or place marks in the form of dried tree leaves.

As for the favorite colors of green, we retain blue, white, gray, pink! We marry it with blue for a 100% natural rendering between earth and water, and especially if the greens chosen are clear and tart like the bud green in order to soften it. Choose a green / white or green / light gray duo to play the card of natural elegance, while combined with an old rose, green sings a spring decoration above all cheerful, friendly and poetic!