Oiled parquet, real ecological qualities

Oiled parquet, real ecological qualities

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To protect your solid or laminated parquet, you can vitrify it, varnish it or even, more traditionally, oil it. This enhances the raw wood and protects it in depth. And if, in addition, you choose your oil without solvents and formaldehydes, then you will do one more thing to keep your home healthy. Perrine Prével, from the parquet manufacturer Europlac, reviews this type of parquet. Interview by Lise Lebrun

Is oiled parquet ecological?

In the past, oiled parquet was preferred for its more natural side compared to vitrified varnish. Today varnished parquet has made enormous progress, it is difficult to distinguish a parquet with a "Brushed matt varnish" finish from a parquet in oil finish. Oiled parquet floors today meet the demand for greener products. Even if the varnishes used tend towards solutions without solvent, formaldehydes and healthy for humans, the oil is ahead of the varnish on this point because it is made from a vegetable base. To be hard-working, it is therefore wise to check that it is indeed oil and natural pigments because there are synthetic oils.

How much does oiled parquet cost?

If you opt for an oil finish, factory finished, you will find oiled parquet at the same price as varnished parquet. But if you opt for a pre-oiled finish, to which you must add a last layer of oil once the site is finished, you must think about adding this additional cost.

What is the difference between oiled and heat treated-oiled parquet?

Heat treated parquet is a parquet which has received heat treatment, nothing to do with a treatment against parasites. It is a process that allows you to modify the characteristics of the wood to obtain a more intense and sustained color, an improvement in the durability class and better dimensional stability. Then the oil finish is applied and you get a heat-treated oiled parquet. Heat treatment acts on the entire mass of treated wood, a renovation by sanding is therefore possible. However, you will lose the color of the oiled finish. i> More information on or by phone on 05 46 04 66 88


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