Résinence, a resin to decorate floors and walls

Résinence, a resin to decorate floors and walls

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The company Résinence offers since 2008 a resin which is applied on all types of supports. Discover a practical and very decorative product! Tiles, enamel, stainless steel, wood, aluminum, plaster, concrete or even metal, here are all the supports on which Resinence color resin can be applied! Created in 2008 by three decoration specialists, Résinence offers an innovative product,suitable for all substrates and without the need to apply an undercoat . This polyurethane resin is also waterproof coating, ideal for damp rooms . It can also be used to coat baths and sinks. How to apply it? It is first necessary to clean the support, then proceed to a light sanding, degrease with acetone, leave for one hour and apply Résinence color.The fluidity of the product allows painting 1 square meter per minute . A clear finishing resin should be applied once the paint is dry, allowing the resin to be waterproof. In terms of decoration, Résinence color is available in two categories: one for floors, the other for walls in gloss or satin version.Twelve colors are available among which taupe gray, red, turquoise or anise green. Finally on the price side, count 13 euros for a square meter in the Résinence color wall covering range and 26 euros for a square meter in the Résinence color floor covering range. Résine color is available in large DIY stores such as Castorama, BHV or Bricorama. For more information: Résinence


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