DolceVita ZenBox facing the smoke detector made compulsory

DolceVita ZenBox facing the smoke detector made compulsory

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According to the law of February 25, 2010, autonomous smoke alarm detectors (DAAF) become mandatory in all private accommodation, by 2015. Detectors have hitherto been compulsory in buildings housing businesses or which accommodate the public. The figures speak for themselves: A domestic fire in France every 2 minutes, of which 80 to 90% concerns house fires, 10,000 injured, including 800 deaths. Finally, the number of fires (250,000 per year) has doubled in France during the last 20 years. Among the solutions: DolceVita ZenBox of Gaz de France. In the event of a fire, the Surveillance Center is immediately informed via the alarm center, by conventional telephone or ADSL connection. You are reached by phone, email or SMS. The box also allows monitoring of water, gas and electricity consumption. The gas and electricity meters are permanently read and accessible on the Internet. It is possible for you to create alerts for exceeding the energy consumption threshold, estimate the cost of consuming your electrical devices on standby, and finally link energy consumption and interior temperature of your accommodation thanks to the installation of a temperature probe. Controlling your water consumption online can also be a good way to protect yourself against water leaks! > Find out more about the ZenBox


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