Design and ecological, the new ANDREA air purifier

Design and ecological, the new ANDREA air purifier

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You probably know the benefits of so-called depolluting plants? They absorb the toxic elements from the air to restore it to us completely regenerated. The Andréa air purifier is based on this principle to clean up the atmosphere of your living spaces. The energy-efficient fan draws in air and directs it directly to the natural filters of the plant's leaves, roots, soil and water. It was thanks to the meeting of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and American researcher Davide Edwards that this concept was born first, then this intelligent object with a futuristic look. This design capsule will highlight any of your plants in an original way, but you might as well take one whose depolluting action is very developed so that your air purifier is the most effective. (Spathiphyllum, Dracaena marginita, Chlorophytum comosum or Aloe Vera for example…) Here is a beautiful decorative object that will marry with your natural and contemporary decoration, and what is more, will allow you to take a good breath of air while staying at you!

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