The walls are inspired by winter

The walls are inspired by winter

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At winter time, our walls also put on their white coats ... and adorn themselves with patterns inspired by this time of year. In our interiors, this is how we appropriate winter and envelop it in an ultra cocooning atmosphere!

White but not only ...

Like the snowy landscapes that inspire calm and serenity, our walls are all dressed in white. This will make your food rooms very bright (there is a great need during this period!) However, to avoid at all costs the so-called sometimes clinical coldness of this false color, play on the different shades of white, with for example white broken, pearl white or white very slightly tinged with powdery pink.

Winter image stickers

We can associate with these shades of white patterns typical of this period. Stickers of red color and delicate shapes of snowflakes will immediately energize your interior by making it warmer and more magical. In the same vein, you can have fun with the deer patterns, which will recall the mountain spirit and the magic of the holiday season.

Wallpapers that warm the atmosphere

But winter is not only the white coat, nor the festive and mountain decorations. When we talk about this cold season, we also imagine the soft and warm materials that will comfort us! And even the walls are covered! See for example the trompe l'oeil wallpapers which perfectly imitate the large knit of knitting, or even padded leather ... They instantly warm us up!