Property hunters are looking for the home of your dreams

Property hunters are looking for the home of your dreams

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A new profession was born in the early 2000s: that of property hunter. The objective: to replace the buyer to find an apartment or a house to buy. Catherine Catenacci, president of the French Federation of Real Estate Hunters (FFCI) tells us everything you need to know.

You were the first real estate hunter in France. How did you get this idea?

As a real estate agent, I could see that the real estate agencies were primarily directed towards service to sellers. Either the goods for sale are suitable for customers, or they will look elsewhere. In 2001, I created the first real estate hunter agency, Buyer side, in order to offer a real service to buyers, which takes into account their criteria. Since then, the profession has been emulated, some of which do not have a professional card. The French Federation of Property Hunters was created in 2007 to regulate the profession. It stipulates in particular that the professional real estate agent card is compulsory.

What service exactly does a property hunter provide?

The property hunter replaces the buyer who does not have the time to look for a property to buy. He meets the client, talks with him at length to fully understand how he lives and define his expectations exactly. Then the real estate hunter sets out to find out: he makes announcements from real estate agencies and individuals in particular, but he also consults property dealers, trustees, wealth managers, etc. He will visit the properties and for those who can potentially agree, he takes photos: parts, volumes, neighborhood, cracks, defects ... He learns about the neighborhood, transport, shops, services. The client then makes his own selection from what is presented to him and goes to visit. Then there is, of course, the subjective side that one cannot manage.

Can a property hunter give a technical opinion?

Yes because he has an eye for technical expertise but also for finance. He can provide advice on the structure of the house, on the condominium, on town planning. In addition, as a real estate agent card holder, he is used to negotiating and can sometimes acquire a property at a better price than an individual would have done.

Can a real estate hunter deal with the sale of the purchaser's current housing?

Yes, because he is a real estate agent. He is therefore the holder of the professional real estate transaction card. This is often what happens. He heads the sale of the current property and the search for future housing, which prevents the client from being able to buy a property because he has not yet sold his apartment or house.

What is the profile of clients who use a property hunter?

These are generally people who live outside the research area: people who are transferred professionally, or who wish to buy a second home, or even future retirees who want to settle elsewhere when the retirement comes. Another category of clients that is well represented is that of overworked people, often executives or businessmen. Finally, there are also first-time buyers who are afraid of launching their first purchase.

Can a real estate hunter look for a property to sell in a region other than that where he is installed?

A priori no because he cannot be an expert in all cities and all regions. On the other hand, if it is a franchise, as is the case for Buyer side, we can direct the customer to the franchisee in the region where he wishes to buy.

How long does it take an average property hunter to find the ideal property?

It depends on the client's specifications. Finding an apartment with elevator and terrace in the Marais, for example, will take much longer than in the 15th arrondissement. In the best of cases, the research takes 15 days but it can go up to 6 months. At the moment, research is sometimes long because there is a shortage of goods for sale on the market.

How much does the service of a property hunter cost?

He is paid in the result, only if he finds a good, therefore, and only when the final act is signed. The fees are free but they generally range between 3 and 5% of the purchase price of the property. Property hunters who join the FFCI are not entitled to take administration fees.

What should you watch out for when talking to a property hunter?

The client must ensure that the property hunter has his professional card and that he does not receive any application fees or reporting costs, strictly prohibited by law. All hunters who are members of the FFCI have undertaken to honor the regulations in force and not to collect any fees before the signing of the final act.

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