7 Over-mattress on the test bench

7 Over-mattress on the test bench

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Is your mattress a little too firm? Do you prefer a soft layer? Think of the mattress topper! To be placed on the mattress, the over-mattress makes it possible to add an additional layer according to the desires of each.Memory foam ,duck feathers ,bamboo activated carbon , the structures are varied and can meet many needs such as ecology, softness or comfort. To help you get an idea, here are seven proposals for mattress toppers with various qualities:

Adapted to body shape: Cloud in Dunlopillo

Thanks to Biportance technology, this mattress topper has increased support for heavy areas of the body and specific support for the head and feet. A system of ventilation and evacuation of humidity allows the bedding to remain dry and fresh. The cover is washable at 40 degrees. Nuage mattress topper, 90x200 cm, 279 euros, Dunlopillo.

The top of the range: Sweet Dreams at Treca

With a thickness of 9cm, this over-mattress is composed of a memory foam. This limits the pressure points of the heaviest parts of the body and improves blood circulation. It is also composed of a summer side in linen and silk for freshness and a winter side in mohair, cashmere and silk for softness ... Please note the over-mattress is sold with the mattress. Sweet Dreams mattress overlay and mattress, 140x190cm, € 3,646, Treca.

The eco-friendly: Bio Bambou at Greenweez

An over-mattress whose micro-porous structure is made of bamboo activated carbon. This neutralizes odors and absorbs moisture. Bamboo carbon also has the ability to reflect infrared emitted from the body, thereby improving blood circulation. Bio Bamboo mattress topper 160x200cm, 139 euros, Greenweez.

The airy: Sultan Tog at Ikea

Horsehair and corn-based cotton wool provide this mattress with good ventilation, elasticity and help remove moisture. Exists in five different dimensions. Sultan Tog mattress topper, 160x200cm, 279 euros, Ikea.

The low price: Top mattress at AM PM-La Redoute

With a thickness of 4 cm, this mattress topper is made of polyester foam (17 kg / m3) and polyester wadding. Available in 6 different sizes. Over-mattress, 140x190cm, 92 euros, AM PM / La redoute.

The shape memory: 7cm mattress overlay at Tempur

With its technology (from NASA) of memory foam, a viscoelastic thermosensitive material, the pressure points of the body are reduced. Body heat permeates its shape on the mattress topper. The humidity is evacuated to the outside. Exists in four dimensions. 80x200cm mattress topper, 691 euros, Tempur.

The cozy: Cocoon at Epeda

Soft and comfortable, this 7 cm mattress is composed in its lower part (6cm) of duck feathers (1500g / m2) and in its upper part (1cm) of 70% down and 30% duck feathers ( 150g / m2). The envelope is in white percale treated with Teflon anti spots, anti mites. Cocoon mattress topper, 90x190 / 200cm, 504 euros, Epeda.