5 decorative faux pas to avoid absolutely

5 decorative faux pas to avoid absolutely

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It's no secret that perfection does not exist! And depending on the tastes of each, the decoration of one may seem corny to the eyes of another. But one thing is certain, there are - as in mode - basic rules to know! Whether it is the use of colors and respect for proportions, the importance of lighting or the use of patterns, we tell you everything to make a success of your decor without making a mistake! Discover the 5 decorative faux pas to avoid absolutely…

1. Don't pay attention to the proportions

For a harmonious decoration, respect for proportions is a fundamental rule. You cannot arrange a large room with small furniture or, conversely, a small space with imposing furniture. In a living room, for example, you cannot imagine a large sofa with a very small coffee table. This will destroy your room. To avoid mistakes, consider taking action! It seems logical but how many of us have already bought furniture without even knowing the dimensions of its interior? Last thing about the furniture: we tend to generally position the furniture against a wall. However, installing furniture in the center of a room can give character to your interior and delimit spaces (a living area of ​​a dining area for example). So remember: a sofa can very well find its place in the center of the living room just like a bed in the center of a bedroom.

2. Overdose of colors and patterns

© Pixabay Even if the bohemian trend tends to favor the colorful spirit, the mix and match of colors and patterns can very quickly become 'too much'! As with fashion, the rule is clear: we choose a maximum of three colors. Determine a dominant color and complete with more neutral shades. To make sure you are not mistaken, you can also create a color scheme. In all cases, use a chromatic circle to study your color associations. For painting, do not hesitate to try it before you start. Ask for a sample in store or project yourself with a color simulator ... As for patterns, it's the same thing. Stripes, geometric patterns, floral prints, gingham ... Not all go together. Focus on one type of pattern and vary the shapes (small and large flowers for example to stay in the bucolic theme). The mismatch? Yes but controlled!

4. Favor aesthetics over comfort

As in fashion, it is easy to fall for the look of a room. We think we have a crush and without thinking, we rush to the cash register, proud of our new find. Except that after a few days, you quickly realize that you made a mistake! The armchair that we thought was so perfect turns out to be much less comfortable ... So certainly, its trendy look is causing a sensation in your living room but nobody settles in! Thinking about the style of your interior is one thing, but feeling good about it is another! The same goes for the functionality of the furniture. Always favor practical furniture to make your life easier. Fortunately, Nordic trends aim to make everyday life easier. And since Scandinavian decoration is both aesthetic and practical, you are sure not to go wrong.

4. The total look

© Pixabay Let it be said right away, it is not because you like a particular decorative style that you should abuse it. As we said before, a successful decoration is a controlled decoration. So if you like the sea spirit, no need to transform your interior into a naval museum! And this advice is valid for all decorative styles. We often think - wrongly - that the total look allows a more personal decoration but it is quite the opposite! To avoid overdose, we have fun with key pieces and we dare to mix genres with balance and half measure. Avoid sets, even if you fall for an entire collection of furniture. Like the curtains to match the cushions, the decor should not be limited to a single style! You understood, the total decorative look is to banish urgently ...

5. Neglecting the lighting

Many of us believe that lighting is not a priority for decorating your interior. FAULT. Light is not a detail, quite the contrary! While natural light plays an essential role in our well-being, artificial light greatly contributes to it. But it also allows - if used well - to enhance an interior and create warm and cozy atmospheres. Our light recommendations: all the rooms in your house must include main light sources. Then complete with extra lamps. In a living room for example, you can align several suspensions above the dining table since this is where you will need it most. The accent lamps will find their place near an armchair (to create a reading corner) or even on a sideboard to favor a dim light when the meal is finished! And if you can control the intensity of the lighting, it's even better! Because no, we don't have the same light needs depending on the rooms in the house and the time of year!


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