Garden furniture: the shopping selection

Garden furniture: the shopping selection

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From comfort at low prices to the most demanding cocooning, discover our shopping selection of garden furniture that will accompany your summer.

The low price

Let's start this selection of garden furniture with the SHRINK 4-piece set. Composed of a two-seater sofa, two single seats and a tempered glass coffee table, the SHRINK garden furniture rhymes comfort and low prices . Gray, it enhances outdoor spaces with a neutral effect and trend . Red it colors terraces and gardens a pop note that detonates. Advantage and not the least, from the finished season, it folds and stores in the blink of an eye. Did you say effective?

Space saving

Choose the MILAN garden lounge if you want to optimize your outdoor space as much as possible. Its console table with folding sides is always ready to be unfolded effortlessly when the hour of aperitif and meal strikes. At the end of the evening (or of the season), all you have to do is slide the four chairs under the table flap. In terms of materials, the MILAN garden furniture compose with the acacia wood in order to give your outdoor space a beautiful natural and exotic effect.


Sober and elegant lines, a comfortable seat in anthracite color and a solid acacia structure oiled: the COCOON show is definitely aptly named. Footrest, coffee table, single seat, two-seat armchair and corner module allow you to compose a cocooning summer to your measurements . We would finish reading his novel there, right away ... And for those who want more relaxation, see our article dedicated to hammocks, Chilean and other pergolas.

Our shopping selection


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