Revive an old lamppost

Revive an old lamppost

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No need to spend more to create a decor worthy of magazines. A simple recovered floor lamp comes to life in a few brush strokes. Flamboyant red, an unusual color for a lamp, apply it in total look. A guaranteed "arty" effect which will be all the more accentuated by preferring your XXL size luminaire. Level: easy Completion time (excluding drying time): 1 hour Indicative cost : 25 euros Necessary material : - Red spray = 12 euros - Metal spray = 8 euros - 0.5l of red paint = 5 euros Steps : - Sand the base of the lamp. - Bomb the foot and the outside of the lampshade in red. - Leave to dry for two hours. - Silver bomber inside the lampshade. - Leave to dry for two hours. - Protect the edges of the lampshade with adhesive. - Apply a coat of red paint on the outside of the lampshade. - Leave to dry for two hours. - Replace the lampshade on the base. - Screw on the bulb. - Connect Design advice: Energizing and sensual, red is a comforting color. Bringing it into the house is to give your interior personality. By small touches or in total look, it is in itself, a decorative element. However before you start, a tip start by taming it with small touches. Design creation by Véronique Rambaldi


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