6 decorative pots for the garden

6 decorative pots for the garden

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In summer, it is pleasant to enjoy its garden. So take care of it like your interior and as every detail matters, dress your plants in decorative plant pots. Small, tall, bright… in terracotta or plastic, colored or plain, they nicely hide the feet of your plants. Pots bring a trend or style to your garden. If you likee design, the light pots are for you and from 4.50 euros at Alinéa, it would be a shame to deprive yourself. If on the contrary you are rather classic, you will prefer Renaissance spirit pots from Castorama. As for the avant-garde of decoration, the latest trend is the bag planter. Practical and light, it simply hides your old flowerpot. In short, you will understand, each pot creates a style in your garden, it's up to you to choose according to your decorative affections!

And a decoration tip:
Use small planters to store tools or cutlery for a buffet. Different colors and sizes, they brighten up your presentation.