Lapadd or these little accessories that change our lives

Lapadd or these little accessories that change our lives

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Each day has its share of constraints and small inconveniences: the fitted sheet that is unfolded to find out whether it is for single bed or for double bed or the laptop charger which strangely goes astray on a daily basis! Fortunately, there are small life-changing accessories for the housewives that we are, neat housewives, maniacs and impatient, of course! Lapadd comes to our rescue by "fighting against household constraints": this company, which should be recognized as being in the public interest (!), Offers a host of small utensils smarter than each other, such as clothespins which indicate the dimensions or the sock clips that hold the indomitable socks in pairs! We always said that the simplest ideas were always the best, right? > More info on: www.lapadd.com


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