Use a metalwork company

Use a metalwork company

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If you like metal and an industrial spirit, using a metalwork company can be a great solution for having an interior like no other. But what is a metalworker and how can it help an individual? Update with Jean Ollagnier, director of the metalworking company EHI.

To begin with, what is the difference between an ironworker, a locksmith and a metalworker?

The ironworker works wrought iron. It is linked to the idea of ​​a small forge where you heat the metal to twist it. He does ornate, decorative and repair work. The locksmith-metal worker, meanwhile, was originally a manufacturer of locks, but the profession has evolved into metal trades such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The ancients say rather "metalworker", the ancients often prefer the term "locksmith". Some only install products they buy elsewhere, others manufacture or modify themselves: railings, balconies, mailboxes, shutters, metal garage doors etc. as long as they are made of metal. The stairs are a bit apart. If it is a simple model, the metal worker can do it himself. Otherwise, it is outsourcing to a company like ours.

What can a metalwork company like yours do for individuals?

We do things you don't find in the trade. For example, stairs of special width or height, whether they are very small from a few steps down into the garden to the very top of several floors. Or stairs with special finishes since we can lacquer the metal in any color, unless the client prefers a rough finish. We can also manufacture railings of a special design, table legs, bookcase uprights, hatches ... As soon as the person who addresses us clearly what he wants, we have the technical skills to implement your project. We only make tailor-made and therefore unique pieces. This is not for everyone because some would like to see their dream on a catalog. We do not operate that way and that is what limits our field of intervention.

Isn't it too expensive to use a metalworker to manufacture your staircase, for example?

If a person wants a traditional 2.70 m metal staircase with wooden steps, mass distribution will be more affordable because it offers this type of product in series. On the other hand, in trade, as soon as you want a slightly personalized product, the price rises immediately. Some stair manufacturers do nice things but their prices are high because you pay for the rental of the showroom, the staff and the distribution of the catalog. This is where a metalworker is more competitive because he works directly with the client. In addition, he is advanced in his field and knows a lot of manufacturing tips that can answer specific technical problems. To find out more: www.escalier-ehi.fr