7 gas barbecues on the test bench

7 gas barbecues on the test bench

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Cooking a gas barbecue is healthier and faster than cooking a charcoal barbecue. The barbecue is instantly lit and cooked evenly. Another advantage of a gas barbecue is that it is not very dirty and easy to clean. Some work with lava stones, others with a cast iron plate heating the food. To choose from the multitude of models offered, here is a selection of seven gas barbecues according to different criteria: The most complete The Weber Summit S-650 stainless steel gas barbecue is a bit like the Rolls of the gas barbecue. Equipped with 6 gas burners, it can accommodate food for 18 guests! Other equipment is also available such as a motorized roasting pan with infrared burner, a Flavorizer bar system (removes grease and vaporizes cooking juices), stainless steel cooking grates ... You will no longer see the barbecue the same eye! The most high tech The Tam Tam gas barbecue is equipped with speakers to directly connect its MP3 player and cook with music! The most compact The City Gas 420 gas barbecue has dimensions (42 centimeters in diameter) allowing it to be taken everywhere with you. The most design The Genesis E-310 gas barbecue combines elegance and design and is available in different colors: fig red, intense black, rosemary green, glossy brown and pearl gray. Who says barbecue can't be aesthetic? The cheapest The Evergrill gas barbecue will certainly appeal to small purses since it only costs 65 euros! The most traditional The Texas Woody wood and steel gas barbecue offers a family look for an affordable price. The most urban The Venezia 570 gas barbecue combines a modern, urban look with the traditional functions of the barbecue. Summer is fast approaching and you haven't bought your barbecue yet? Don't wait any longer and find the model suitable for your uses thanks to our price comparison service!


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