Decoration, an antidote to gloom

Decoration, an antidote to gloom

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The decor is a great ally to fight against gloom. With a dose of fantasy, a hint of color and a touch of originality, it is an effective remedy. And as proof, this is one of the main themes of the next Maison et Objets 2009 which will take place from 23 to 27 January. So start your treatment by adopting 5 decorative ideas to break the monotony!

Brighten up your daily life with color
Start by favoring, on a wall panel and in accessories, flashy colors to stimulate and brighten your daily life. Do not hesitate to use colors like lemon yellow, orange or bright blue. They will wake up and immediately add a touch of pep's and will affect your good mood. Recognize yourself in your decor Don't 100% duplicate what you see in magazines. Your interior must look like you! For example, are you an experienced collector? Share your passion with those around you. And display your collection on a shelf, console or counter. Through the art of staging, you will create a small universe bordering on cabinets of curiosity, always very decorative!

Above all, don't take yourself seriously!
Divert the clichés of chic by bringing "street art" into your interiors. And thus abolish certain codes already well established. For example, tag the typical ceiling rose of bourgeois apartments with colorful words and thus give an Arty side, terribly trendy. And if your room does not have one, no problem! Leroy Merlin for 10.90 euros offers polystyrene rosettes to paint. Take down the monotony! Customize your curtains, your headboard, your cushions ... You will have the impression of changing them. In all the creative leisure shops (La droguerie, Cultura for example) you will find a wide choice of buttons, ribbons, flowers, in all colors and different materials. Without spending too much, you will bring a new decorative touch to your interior!

Mix styles
For a long time it was essential to coordinate the dining table with the sideboard, the chairs, the coffee table ... Today that time is over. On the contrary, it is better to mix styles for more fantasy. So choose a vintage armchair that you associate with a coffee table unearthed in a flea market and you will light it all with an ultra contemporary floor lamp.


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