Video: Customize a Manga style chair

Video: Customize a Manga style chair

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A simple wooden chair turns into a great decorative seat for the children's room. From a Manga comic, create a new covering for a completely different decorative style. Depending on your tastes, decline your chair as you wish. For example, for a touch of humor, favor Tintin and Snowy or Boule et Bill comics ... and for a colorful note, opt for American Comics, children are fond of it! Level : easy Completion time n: 1h00 Indicative cost : 32.85 euros Necessary material : - 1 Ikea wooden chair = 9.95 euros - 2 Manga comics = 12 euros - 1 tube of green paint = 4 euros - 1 pot of glue varnish = 6.90 euros - 2 brushes - Cutter - Ruler Steps : - Cut the pages of the comic strip with a cutter for a clean cut - Cut the pages into strips (3 cm and 5 cm wide) and keep a few full pages - Glue the seat with a brush impregnated with glue varnish - Also brush each strip and full page with glue varnish before placing them on the chair - Apply with the brush coated with glue varnish, the sheets next to each other, alternating the full pages and the strips - Proceed in the same way for the feet and the backrest - Cover the chair well - Leave to dry for 2 hours - advice : Apply a layer of varnish over the entire chair to protect it well The most decorative : Keep for a more decorative look, two raw wooden bars. Paint them green for a touch of fantasy. And a piece of advice: match your color according to your decor.


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