How to dress a romantic head to head

How to dress a romantic head to head

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The way a woman cooks betrays her libido according to psychoanalyst Geneviève Guy-Gillet. You will understand that it is better to avoid sauerkraut even if it is your specialty. You receive it for the first time. You like it a little, a lot or already passionately ... here are some foolproof recipes to make your first dinner alone.

For a romantic atmosphere, take care of the light

To stay the most beautiful, even after midnight, turn on only your indirect lights and create an intimate and warm atmosphere by lighting candles. However, avoid scented candles, vanilla or compass rose are not necessarily to the taste of your new pet and could spoil the taste of your scallops. Foresighted, opt for long-lasting candles (Casa, 2.90 euros), it would be a shame if the magic disappears at dessert. This is particularly the case with tealights! Also cautious, each year, more than a thousand fires are caused by candles. Ikéa offers large stainless steel dishes designed to place them safely. On the fluorescent or pastel color side, pink is the flagship color of all collections. You will find this color that looks good among low-cost brands in the form of light gadgets, fun candles or wireless lights.