Home sweet home: candy decor

Home sweet home: candy decor

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The pleasure of the eyes above all

Who says gourmet decor says appetizing colors. Do not hesitate and dare the bright and tart colors that will awaken your desires! Candy pink, tomato red, pistachio green or lemon yellow is more than ever advocated. Ikea in its new collection offers a bedside table and a low cabinet in lacquered lemon yellow which will immediately add pep and positive energy to any interior. Also think about the stickers. At Domestic, they created a range called "Pastry and Macarons". In the form of chocolate nuns, raspberry donuts and a whipped cream cupcake, you will delight your interior! Also clever at Idzif. They bet on the sticker "recipe" XXL format to put on the wall of your kitchen. Therefore impossible to miss your pancake batter, you have the recipe under your nose!

Sweetness: zero calories

The generosity of the shapes and the softness of the materials is also important. Favor curved lines, soft fabrics by choosing for example a deep velvet sofa with rounded lines or an ultra-soft pear beanbag from Sacco. In a marshmallow spirit, use and abuse cushions of all sizes in bold colors. Bet for example on a tumble of cushions from Fly, guaranteed low prices. The designer Marie Leblon, will take you by the feelings by appealing to the memories of childhood. She revisits the "pastille" saucer in an original seat that you can slide around your home. Candy pink, chocolate, black licorice ... it can be used as a beanbag in the children's room or as a side table in the garden.

Scents evocative of the atmosphere

Gluttony also goes through smell then think of the suggestive room fragrance. Perfume your interior with a delicious smell of tea and gingerbread from the Artisan perfumer. Nature and Discoveries with the candy "Spicy delight" with cinnamon fragrances or "little autumn snack" with sweet and delicious notes, will spread warmth and softness in the house. And awaken your appetite with sprays or bouquets with vanilla or sandalwood tea from Artcade.

Now get to your forks!

Gluttony also goes through places that whet the taste buds. The Ladurée tea room on the Champs Elysées, well known for its delicious macaroons, has got a new, more contemporary and urban decor style. A dreamlike universe inspired by the butterfly that takes shape with chrysalis-like armchairs, honeycomb stained glass and a central bar in glass resin. We are far from the traditional Napoleon III style tea room! The bar also has a new menu. You can for example taste a delicious garden salad with Breton lobster, truffle, or duck foie gras and without forgetting of course the famous macaroons! Ladurée - 13 rue Lincoln - 75008 paris