10 ideas for a successful Halloween decor

10 ideas for a successful Halloween decor

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Halloween party (All Hallow even , that is to say The evening of all the Paradise Saints ) takes place on the night of October 31 and finds its origin in the Celtic religious festival of Samhain. Traditionally, children dress up as skeletons and other monsters and harvest candy. It's also time to put the house in halloween colors and symbols!


For Halloween, your color codes are black and orange . So try to bring these colors into your interior as much as possible without spending a lot of money.


Essential: Scatter mini pumpkins around the house transformed into Jack O'Lantern! To do this, cut the base and scoop out the pumpkins. Pierce two eyes and a triangular nose and a rectangular mouth. A tealight candle or better yet, a tealight candle with LEDs inside and the atmosphere is created!


These same small lanterns can be made with oranges. The idea is to really have it everywhere in the house. Oranges, pumpkins, or pumpkins, your choice, will be as many splashes of sparkling color .


For a Bal des Vampires atmosphere, play the baroque card : place here and there candlesticks 3 or 5 feet, in black plexiglass.


Change your usual curtains with black velvet temporary curtains : a simple piece of fabric does the trick. For the hems, no sewing: use practical and quick fabric glue.


For a haunted house effect, cover your white linen armchairs and sofas , accessorized with cobwebs


Use stickers to dress the walls from your entrance or from the children's room: with the image of ghosts, skulls, pumpkins and other witches, they give a very quirky air to your decor!


At your coat rack in the entrance , hang pointed witch hat, black cape and broom. What if the hostess was a witch?


Kitchen side , food coloring will allow you to match your cakes and other monstrosities to taste in Halloween colors: choose an orange coloring to create a very Halloween glaze!


Finally, if you have a fireplace, a nice fire is essential that evening as well as a basket filled with candy!