8 functional and stylish wardrobe ideas for a bedroom

8 functional and stylish wardrobe ideas for a bedroom

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1. A 3-door wardrobe with low niche

If you share a room with your spouse and you need a minimum of space to store everyone's belongings, opt for a wardrobe large enough so that everyone has enough to store everything; this is where the 3-door wardrobe comes in, wide enough to receive the lady's dresses and the gentleman's suits. Special mention to models equipped with a low niche, just to have extra space to store shoes and accessories ... or to have the decor!

2. A wardrobe that is both imposing and minimalist

If you have opted for a rather refined and minimalist bedroom decor, it is important that everything follows ... and especially your wardrobes, especially if they are built-in and that they occupy almost a section of wall by themselves! In this case, do not hesitate, and opt for elegant but very simple bedroom cabinets: white with a lacquered finish to bring a little shine, but without flourishes or ornamentation.

3. A wardrobe with glass doors

Do you want to bring a designer touch to your sleeping area with a 100% contemporary bedroom wardrobe? So play the card of transparency, with a wardrobe whose glass doors will let in light for an aesthetic effect of the most successful. The strong point of this wardrobe? It allows you to check without having to open the doors if your favorite pants are inside or if they are dirty. On the other hand, with a wardrobe whose doors are transparent, obligation to tidy up your dressing room all the time!

4. A cabinet with mirrors on the doors

Do you have a room with reduced dimensions and not necessarily the place to put a large freestanding mirror next to your wardrobe? Kill two birds with one stone, and invest in a bedroom wardrobe with large mirrors on the outside. So you can see yourself from head to toe directly after putting on your clothes!

Obviously, this type of furniture requires a minimum of attention to avoid fingerprints and the cra-cra effect that goes with it…

5. A wooden wardrobe with sliding doors

The wooden wardrobe with 2 sliding doors, a simple and minimalist duo to adapt to any decor! With a wardrobe space to store your shirts, jackets and other plus shelves on which you will place your folded linen (t-shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.), this bedroom wardrobe has all the functional and aesthetic furniture which, cherry on the cake, won't take up much room in the room. What more ?

6. A classic white wooden wardrobe with high storage

Are you the type of person who finds that wardrobes are always too small for all the things you want to store there? And if you opt for large tall cabinets, which will go from the floor to the ceiling of your room just to optimize the space to the maximum? With such large wardrobes with hanging space, shelves and niches, you can easily store all your clothes, accessories, shoes… and even store your suitcases in the lockers at the top!

7. A custom wardrobe

If you are a Carrie Bradshaw at heart and you need a large closet to store your mountains of clothing, a small classic wardrobe will not do the job, that's for sure. If you can, why not have a custom-made wardrobe closet, the exact dimensions of your room? Wow effect guaranteed!

8. A metal cabinet

Do you tend to be nostalgic for the days of high school and love vintage? Treat yourself with a metal wardrobe that resembles the lockers of American high schools, equipped with a wardrobe and several lockers for storing clothes and linens. Guaranteed industrial atmosphere!