5 ideas to install a dressing room behind your headboard

5 ideas to install a dressing room behind your headboard

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5 ideas for a dressing room behind your headboard

- Create different spaces in your bedroom - A dressing room behind a partition - Cupboards at the head of the bed - Behind a curtain - Highlighted with a glass roof

1. Create different spaces in your room

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If your bedroom is very large, you might want to split it in half to make a sleeping area on one side and a dressing room on the other. But how to create the storage part?

  • Behind a self-supporting structure, which partitions the room
  • With a library over the entire height of the bedroom: bed side, storage for your books, on the other side, the dressing room
  • Behind a wardrobe: why not line the back of the wallpaper and lean it against your bed?
  • By creating a platform behind the bed to access the closet, thus raised: this brings a slightly theatrical side to the bedroom but if the height under the ceiling allows it, it is a beautiful decorative setting.

2. A dressing room behind a partition

Headboard and wardrobe partition are one here! You lose as little space as possible and everything is tidy. Solid partition, half-partition or openwork wooden panels (practical to give depth to the room), do not hesitate to choose the color, to attract the eye and hide even more what is hidden behind! Whether your room is small, or on the contrary very large, this process allows you to partition discreetly while providing practical support at the head of the bed!

3. Cupboards at the head of the bed

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If your bedroom is not large, to save space, you can create a dressing room with cupboards around the headboard. The bed seems to nestle in a cocoon, allowing to store a maximum of business. And treat yourself: * Think design: avoid exposed handles, this would make storage less discreet. * Add a touch of comfort by placing a padded headboard or large enveloping cushions. * Play on the color of the cupboards, neutral or warm: A midnight blue will be perfect to create an alcove conducive to sweet dreams.

4. Behind a curtain

If you already have a headboard on which to lean, you can also move the bed two meters forward and hang a curtain behind the entire length of the room. Thus, you will have all the leisure to create a hidden dressing room: wardrobe, shelves or even a set of custom closets covering the wall! It also works with a sliding partition, or large Japanese panels.

5. Enhancement with a canopy

© forest71 -

Very trendy, the stained glass type artist studio, in black metal and glass are a beautiful idea to create an open dressing behind a bed. Not only do they give an industrial style to your bedroom, but they also bring charm and light to the storage space. As they are glazed, you must however ensure that the dressing room is cozy and tidy. It can be quite simply a closed cupboard, a small bench to sit while dressing, a pretty valet…


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