How to enjoy the outdoors all year round?

How to enjoy the outdoors all year round?

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Enjoy the outdoors all year round: we heat

There are several solutions for warm up in winter in your garden or on your terrace. The first is to heat its exterior. Yes it's possible !

The radiators are not just for interiors; there are several models capable of heating your exterior so that you can enjoy it all year round. You can for example install a electric backup heater near your outdoor table or your garden furniture. It will warm you up at any time ...

Do you have a terrace? You can install a patio heater. This type of heating often works with gas. When the winter season is over, you can store it in a cover provided with at the time of purchase. Convenient !

The garden's flagship accessory, the brazier no longer has to prove itself. Why not adopt it outside? It is often space-saving and equipped with casters to be easily moved as desired. Choose a cast iron brazier model to burn wood, to warm you up during the winter. Do you like DIY? You can choose to make a brasero from brick or stone yourself.

Finally, another solution to warm you up in your garden in winter: outdoor fireplace. It will warm you AND sublimate the decoration of your garden! We suggest that you surround it with two black deckchairs so that you can enjoy it in winter in the greatest comfort!

Enjoy the outdoors all year round: take shelter

Heating your exterior is good. shelter, it's better. You have a veranda ? It's perfect for creating a cozy cocoon in which to spend the winter. But still it must be well arranged ... Do not abandon it despite the drop in temperatures, transform it into a small winter garden and heat it to room temperature by installing an electric backup heater. Spending time in an icy place is out of the question!

Don't have a veranda? Another solution to create a small corner with a view on the outside, while being protected from snow, rain, cold and / or wind:garden igloo. Original, but just as effective to shelter you, you can even heat it!

Do you garden? And if you installed a greenhouse outside to take care of your vegetable garden without being refrigerated?

Enjoy the outdoors all year round: we warm up

Accentuate the cozy cocoon effect of your heated terrace or your veranda by installing a cocooning comfort zone with some Pleas or fake fur, where you snuggle up, and soft carpet in very soft materials, which will further warm the atmosphere. Don't forget the furniture; he must be warm as much as possible! poufs, armchairs, sofa and cushions, in warm colors and natural materials like wood…

Finally, to warm up as much as possible without much effort, but with a certain budget, you can choose to install a jacuzzi in your garden. It will be perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or at the weekend while enjoying the outdoors, even in winter. Another option: heated pool, ideal for swimming laps and invigorating yourself.

Enjoy your outdoors all year round: you light up

Thelighting has all its importance for take full advantage of its outdoors during winter. Think of the essential light string which should easily find its place in your exterior decoration. You can also choose to place candles more or less large here and there on your terrace or in your veranda to create a more intimate and warm atmosphere.


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