How to renovate a kitchen: The 5 keys to success

How to renovate a kitchen: The 5 keys to success

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Do you find your kitchen too old-fashioned or aging but can't afford to change it in its entirety? Renovating a kitchen does not necessarily require major work. We give you five keys to succeed!

Our advices :

1. Draw up an inventory of the kitchen

  • Draw up an inventory
  • Dress up the furniture
  • Transform the walls
  • Change the soil
  • accessorize
  • Before you start renovating the kitchen, take the time to assess what is bothering you and list the elements that are no longer suitable - damaged floor, rustic cupboards, tired walls - and those that you plan to replace, between paint, backsplash, wall tiles, accessories to measure what you will need and estimate the cost.

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    2. Dress up the kitchen furniture

    The simplest and low-cost solution to change the look of kitchen furniture is to repaint it. Before starting, it is essential to clean them well with white vinegar so that the paint adheres perfectly. Provide a special renovation paint, they are designed for all types of surface, and apply it in two coats. Another solution to revamp your furniture is to cover it with an adhesive coating to your taste that imitates wood or metal.

    3. Transform the kitchen walls

    Here too, painting is required to easily change the appearance of kitchen walls, whether on tiling or an already painted wall. The important thing is to choose the right color, in harmony with that of the furniture, that is to say a complementary or close color. If you are repainting a tiled wall, remember to sand the entire surface before you get started. Then apply a paint specially designed for this type of surface. The alternative if you do not want to start painting is to use a wall tile to ask. Sold in rolls, it is very easy to use!

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    4. Change the kitchen floor

    © PLUM The floor of a room is more important than you think. If you get tired of old tiles that are badly damaged as a bonus, you can easily replace them with vinyl or PVC flooring. These trendy floors perfectly imitate wood, cement tiles or marble and are very easy to install. You will see that the room will be completely transformed. Choose bright colors if the room is dark, and dare the colors if the walls and furniture are fairly neutral.

    5. Accessorize your kitchen

    Dressing up the kitchen can also go through small details, accessories capable of transforming, the air of nothing, the look of the room because they draw attention to them. These are the lights, vintage or design, which will help create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen; plants, aromatic or not, to hang to embellish the room; shelves where to dispose of pretty objects; new handles in the cupboards or even a bar on the credenza for hanging shiny utensils.