How to arrange a very small room?

How to arrange a very small room?

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Whether it's a bedroom space in a studio, an attic bedroom or a room with modest dimensions, fitting out a small bedroom can be complex. What furniture to choose, what storage to create, what decoration to provide? We give you 5 unstoppable tips!

Our tips:

- Choose suitable furniture - Optimize space for storage - Opt for light colors - Focus on light - Install a mirror

1. Choose suitable furniture

The successful layout of a very small bedroom begins with the choice of furniture. To leave enough room to move around easily, we move towards furniture adapted to the volume of the room. It is better to provide a stripped down and minimalist decoration, which has the advantage of ventilating the spaces, rather than opting for a rich decoration style (such as flea market or countryside style for example). Avoid overly large beds and possibly choose a raised version or mezzanine to save space.

2. Optimizing the space for storage

To avoid cluttering the floor, provided the ceiling allows it, remember to use the entire height and width of the room with storage. For example, you can frame the bed in custom tall closets, make a headboard with shelves, or stack boxes on a cabinet to save space.

3. Opt for light colors

Some people tend to apply dark colors to the wall to help them fall asleep. But in a very small room, the dark paint would only reinforce the feeling of lack of space. Instead, favor light shades, trendy pastels, or even the total white look to give more volume and brightness to the room.

4. Focus on light

A small, well-lit room will immediately appear larger, provided you choose suitable light models. The ceiling light, for example, will harmoniously diffuse light throughout the room rather than a halogen, directed towards the ceiling, which will only compress it. There are thus several sources of light in the room, on the bedside tables if space allows or applies.

5. Install a mirror

The mirror illuminates the room by reflecting the light and, by optical illusion, clearly enlarges the spaces. It is preferably chosen large, by dressing a section of wall or the doors of a wardrobe, so that the space immediately takes on another dimension!