8 accessories to beautify your Easter table!

8 accessories to beautify your Easter table!

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Cooking for Easter is always a pleasure! To put greediness in the spotlight, opt for accessories that will sublimate your table decoration. It only remains for us to wish you an excellent appetite ...

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Set of 6 dessert plates, € 13.99 *, Paris Price

Sweet desserts are inseparable from Easter! To give your table a little floral touch, bet on these pretty dessert plates decorated with poppy patterns. Young and old will not sulk their pleasure.

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Verrines tray, € 24.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

With this beautiful slate and bamboo verrine tray, your Easter decoration will not fail to surprise. Refined and elegant, it will become one of the centerpieces of your table. A basic not to be missed!

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Set of 6 forks, € 13.99 *, Paris Price

Tableware will be in the spotlight during the Easter holidays, with this set of 6 forks in soft colors. From the start to the end of the meal, they will attract all eyes! Can you resist them?

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Box of 6 glasses, € 22.50 *, Table Passion

Your Easter table will be one of the most beautiful, thanks to this set of 6 glasses with original and modern patterns. When elegance meets fantasy, decoration acquires its letters of nobility. So let's drink to your successes!

Set of 6 flat plates, € 27.99 *, Paris Price

During Easter, prove to your guests that tableware has no secrets for you! To achieve this, bet on this lot of 6 earthenware plates. They should not fail to produce their little effect ...

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Set of 4 coffee cups, € 36 *, Sibo Homeconcept

Sharing a coffee at the end of an Easter meal is always a pleasant and convivial moment. Give pride of place to decoration, by choosing this set of four mugs with impeccable finishes. A safe bet!

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Polyester tablecloth, € 45 *, Madura

Sober and refined, this rectangular tablecloth in itself illustrates the nobility of French tableware! Star of Easter, she will decorate your table with brilliance. So what are you waiting for to convince yourself?

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Round table set, € 2.99 *, HomeMaison

A successful Easter decoration means choosing the right accessories! This will certainly be the case with this pretty round table set. With its acidulous colors, it will bring dynamism and cheerfulness to your decoration. A faultless! Do you want to discover our entire selection for Easter? It's over there ! (*) Prices noted on the site on 03/16/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.