10 details for a better organized home

10 details for a better organized home

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We dream of being organized at home and yet we see each time that our accommodation does not at all resemble what we hope for. Rest assured, it is not necessarily your fault. The organization of a house indeed requires investing a minimum. The opportunity to present you 10 objects which seem to be points of detail but which can change everything in the perspective of a better organized house.

1 - A closed basket of dirty laundry

As a view, we have already known better than the contents of a basket of dirty laundry. If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room, the inconvenience is less but when the basket is in the middle of the bathroom, it is a vision of horror (without exaggerating). Did you know that all you need is a lid on the basket to fix it all? Not only does it hide the shapeless pile but it also avoids the in-between, when a piece of clothing is straddling the edge of the basket, often because of a careless person.

2 - A large tray

When it comes to tidying up, there aren't 36 solutions. You often have to go back and forth, for example between the kitchen and the dining room, to put everything that has been disturbed back in its place. The solution, which is not necessarily limited to dishes, is a large tray. Do not neglect this object which can, in one go, bring back twenty glasses to the kitchen or all the coloring business in the little one's room. It also has the advantage of taking up only a small space, in short, it has everything!

3 - A blackboard

It can take many forms: some have chosen the slate paint option on a door, others have preferred the washable table on the fridge. Its appearance has little importance in the background, what matters is its visibility (the whole family must be able to access it) and its size (it must be able to contain a large amount of information). To note the missing products, the appointment with the dentist or the school telephone number, the blackboard is essential!

4 - A recycling bin

Because recycling has become a moral obligation, it is essential to have a dedicated space for this kind of task. Even if the recycling bin is not dirty in itself, it gives an unpleasant impression of disorder when it is not suitable. Fortunately, there are now commercially available bins specially adapted for sorting. They are more practical, more attractive and they allow better organization, why deprive yourself of them?

© Brabantia A well hidden trash can, a better organized house.

5 - A key box

How do we know that our house deserves to be better organized? For example when you search for keys for 30 minutes inside your home. Such a thing should not happen. You are spoiled for choice to keep your keys (drawer, storage compartment, box or even simple hook) but what is certain is that you need a place for your keys.

6 - A shoe cabinet

Sunday cleaning often involves a family picking up shoes scattered in several rooms. The problem with traveling shoes is that they tend to be abandoned where people take off their shoes. An organized house always has a shoe cabinet in the entrance, a shoe cabinet that seems to warn you if you do not store your slippers, sandals and rain boots properly.

7 - Labels

In an organized house, everything is noted. In the kitchen, we know what the jars contain. In the wardrobe, you don't waste a minute to find the scarves. Everyone can find out where tax notices are on the office shelf. In the bathroom, you immediately get your hands on aspirin. What is the common point? Labels which are both the guarantors of good storage and of precious time saved.

8 - Storage under the bed

While square meters are counted in a house, you cannot afford to leave empty spaces that could save you from so many situations. The storage under the bed are the allies of those who want to organize their home because they are easily accessible and their storage capacity is very important. You can put shoes, bed linen, clothes out of season there, etc.

© La Redoute There is even more room when the bed is a king size.

9 - Baskets on the ground

Even if they can be accused of being catch-all, the baskets on the ground can be very useful, especially when you have children. So the excuse of not being able to tidy up because they do not reach the storage no longer works. It makes parents happy and a house much more welcoming when you no longer risk stepping on toys.

10 - Any box

And since we're talking about containers, don't forget the simplest of them, the box. Box storage has no limits, provided you follow a few principles. We adapt our box to the content (no need to have a huge box for batteries) and we always label them (see chapter 7). Other than that, the box is the key to any organization so let go!