What decoration above the bed?

What decoration above the bed?

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Once the headboard has been chosen, a new "special room" puzzle is coming up: but above, what do I put? Wallpaper, green plants, shelves, frames or diverted objects, an overview of the most trendy ideas to dress your wall with elegance and simplicity.

A great weaving

Largely inspired by the boho style, wall weaving has established itself as a flagship in more than one interior. In the bedroom, it is often above the bed that it takes place like a large painting. Made of natural threads, macramé style or large pastel wool for more originality, we never tire of seeing it suspended in generous dimensions.

© House Doctor / Urban Outfitters

One or more mirrors

The mirror has this ability to be able to sit wherever it sees fit. In the bedroom, we particularly appreciate it in the XXL version above the bed, or in the composition of several small models, like those in hammered brass made in Morocco with different shapes.

© Maisons du Monde

A classic wall of frames

Seen and reviewed, but still as effective: the wall of frames! And let's face it, when it lines up perfectly with the headboard, it looks great. For a vegetal atmosphere, we favor botanical illustrations. For a retro spirit, one rather accumulates old posters or front pages of newspapers. In the end, all the associations work, so give free rein to your imagination!

© Ikea


If the traditional lamp placed on the bedside table still has a bright future ahead of it, the fact remains that other "light" ideas have gradually made their way into the bedroom over the years. We retain for example the hanging bulbs that run along the wall, alone or with others. In vogue in the garden, and now in all rooms of the house, the guinguette garland also makes the show once fixed without frills above the bed.

© Blanc Cerise / La Redoute Interiors

A raised wall

Decorating the wall above the bed does not necessarily require the purchase of decorative accessories. The proof with these simple geometrically placed wooden battens which energize and give relief to the room. If here, the all-white card works wonderfully, you can also try the experience by leaving the cleats in their natural color or by painting them in pastel or deep tones.

© Becquet

Green plants in jungle mode

Many plants are known for their purifying virtues and ideal to install in a room. This is good, because the Urban Jungle trend did not just invade the living room and the kitchen! Placed at the four corners of the room or exposed on a shelf like a "green" headboard, they bring a real decorative touch to the room. We love !

© Urban Outfitters

Under the window

It's not the most feng shui, but nevertheless, installing your bed under the bedroom window seems to have become obvious for many decoration aficionados. It is then the view (on the roofs, on the countryside, on the garden) which is responsible for creating the decor. When you have nothing to do, it's immediately easier, right?

© Linvosges

A loaded wallpaper

What if a simple roll of wallpaper made the wall hosting the bed unique? For a highly decorative result, we can only advise you to choose a model that catches the eye. Either by its color which itself imposes the tone, or by its pattern around which the decor of the room is then composed. Flowery, graphic or even trompe l'oeil, it's up to you!

© Hookedonwalls

Beautifully filled shelves

Thought more to decorate than to store, the shelves fixed above the bed are a great idea to create a very personal atmosphere. One or more, in raw or white drinks, library style or unstructured, compose your wall as you see fit. Once installed, all you have to do is slide a green plant, pretty vases, books, frames or even your travel memories.

© Today / Mimmistaaf

Hijacked objects

In the rooms of the Hotel Henriette, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the owner Vanessa Scoffier has bet to decorate the walls that accommodate the bed of objects diverted from their primary function. If the double doors painted in bright blue are easy enough to redo at home, we also retain the idea of ​​the old leather gym mattress laid so as to become a headboard. Once the latter installed, no need to add anything else to the wall to dress it.

© Hervé Goluza - Henriette Hotel


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