Total blue look in the bathroom

Total blue look in the bathroom

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Why is blue a suitable color for bathrooms?

Turquoise blue, midnight blue or pastel blue : all shades of blue are suitable for the layout and decoration of a bathroom. Depending on the shade chosen, this color brings softness or pep to the room.

Blue goes perfectly with wood, cement or earthenware. But it is out of the question to fall into the total blue look, under penalty of overdosing this color soon! You just have to make the right combinations, to have a modern bathroom:

  • With blue walls: prefer a clear floor, tiled or wooden. For a more industrial style, the waxed concrete floor goes perfectly with blue, provided you opt for a rather clear concrete. You can also associate a blue wall with a splashback in metro tiles, which combines a retro and modern side.
  • With cement tiles: very trendy in recent years, cement tiles give a little retro feel to the bathroom. Choose a very simple white tiled shower, bathtub or sink.
  • With blue furniture: another solution to have blue in your bathroom without overdoing it. An electric blue vanity unit, blue shelves or even a blue bathtub to play the originality card make it possible to have a modern bathroom.

Avoid the total marine look

In interior decoration, the total look is never a good idea. A blue bathroom does not mean transforming your bathroom into a giant vacation memory.

The marine look can be an inspiration, provided you use it sparingly. In a blue bathroom, avoid kitsch objects such as fake buoys hanging on the wall or shell sculptures. Prefer a few objects, with a small touch. It can be a sailor-style shower curtain, starfish coat hooks for hanging towels and bathrobes, pebble-like floor, bathroom accessories such as a soap dish or toothbrush with a look retro sailor.

In short, the marine style in a blue bathroom is yes, but in small touches.

The essentials in a modern blue bathroom

For a modern blue bathroom, there are some objects to have as decoration. It is better to have this color in the bathroom by small touch, rather than daring the total look. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • the blue laundry basket : very trendy, fabric laundry baskets do not take up much space and are easily transportable to the laundry room. A midnight blue or sailor print model will perfectly suit a modern bathroom.
  • the sailor style shower curtain: Do you want to dare the marine look for your bathroom? Start by installing a sailor print shower curtain.
  • blue bathroom linen: bath towels, bathrobes, non-slip mat for getting out of the shower or the bathtub… To add blue easily in your bathroom, bet on the bathroom linen!
  • blue storage units: Whether it's the vanity unit or a shelf, blue furniture can bring a modern or retro touch to your bathroom. The deep blue will be modern, the duck blue or turquoise will bring a more vintage touch to the whole.
  • blue bathroom accessories: blue earthenware cup for toothbrushes, soap dish, soap dispenser, storage boxes for cotton or beauty products ... These objects found in all bathrooms allow you to add a few touches of blue here and there.