Lunar gardening calendar for July 2017

Lunar gardening calendar for July 2017

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For more than a century, several generations of gardeners and peasants have observed the influence of the moon on the quality of their crops. By comparing observations and experiments, several principles were highlighted, which made it possible to establish correspondences between the phases of the moon, its trajectory in the sky and the development of plants. If the most Cartesian gardeners remain skeptical, those who are inspired by the lunar calendar quickly notice the real benefits of the moon on plants. So what are you waiting for to benefit from this heavenly help? In summer, the garden turns into a little corner of paradise. You have to make the most of it, without forgetting to protect the plants against drought and the sun. In the vegetable garden, there are more and more vegetables to harvest and put in jars. The most far-sighted are already starting to prepare the winter crops. There is a lot to do, but by putting the voting moon aside, you will still have time to take a nap in the shade of the trees…



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