How to clean your induction hob in the blink of an eye?

How to clean your induction hob in the blink of an eye?

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You have finally fitted out the modern fully equipped kitchen of your dreams, with a functional induction hob ... The only downside: maintenance. Don't panic, here are all our genius tips to make everything shine in the blink of an eye!

Our tips

- Clean an induction hob - Cleaning products to avoid - Genius tricks to make everything shine - Remove stains and maintain its induction hob - Natural alternatives

1. Clean an induction hob

The minute you taste the induction hob in your very expensive kitchen, you can't go back. Easy and effective to simmer your good meals, this size ally is difficult to clean, however. To minimize the task, we therefore avoid using it as a work surface, using overly aggressive products, in powder form and we use protection instead. What keep it like new!


2. Cleaning products to avoid

It is difficult to maintain your induction hob properly if you do not have the right gestures or the right household products. The latter is fragile so to avoid any scratches, the microfiber sponge scraper or any other scraping cleaning accessory are simply to be banned. The same applies to aggressive disinfectants such as powders (even diluted in hot water), which may damage your induction hob rather than making it shine.

3. Tricks of genius to make everything shine

There are many tips from grandmothers to maintain your induction hob. * Lemon: it will be your ally to make your induction hob shine. Cut it in half and rub gently on the plate. Dry with a soft cloth and voila! * Washing-up liquid: use a damp sponge with washing-up liquid. The whole thing is to dry well with a microfiber cloth. * White vinegar: put it on a damp sponge and clean gently. Rinse and dry.


4. Maintain your induction hob

If you want to remove persistent stains or residue and maintain your induction hob, use a scraper designed for the hobs or a wooden spatula. Then use a spray or oven cleaner to smooth and shine. You will tell us news!


5. Natural alternatives

Do you want to use natural products every day to clean your induction hob? * Try the clay stone: just moisten a sponge (with cold water this time) and rub it on the stone. Then pass the sponge on the plate. Rinse. Brilliant right? * Black soap: stain remover and degreaser. Clean with a damp sponge and dry with a dry cloth.


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