How to properly clean my barbecue?

How to properly clean my barbecue?

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This tasty barbecue lunch will remain memorable. But if you don't clean your barbecue properly, the fat in this delicious steak will also remain unforgettable. With the return of sunny days, barbecue and plancha return to the garden for recipes that are just as gratinated as each other. The only problem with these long-awaited moments: cleaning after cooking. Keep the embers warm, we explain everything to you.

When should I clean my barbecue?

The secret ? Regularity of maintenance. No dead end possible: clean the grills of your barbecue imperatively after EACH use, taking care to remove all traces of burnt fat. Carbonise the residue on the grates well and wait until the grates cool down a bit. When they're still a little warm, even lukewarm, it's a good time to roll up your sleeves and rub vigorously. Because yes, let's be honest, cleaning a barbecue well requires a little elbow grease.

Your barbecue grill must be properly cleaned after each meal!

How to effectively clean the grills of my barbecue?

Even if the strength of your arms is the best solution, there are several tips to make your job easier. * You can scrub your grill while still slightly hot with a brass or steel brush and soapy water. If the grease remains well attached, try the magic mixture of baking soda and vinegar, radically effective. * If you cannot clean your grills right away (the guests are asking for your presence), immerse them in hot soapy water with a few soda crystals to soften the fat residues. Also be aware that some grills are dishwasher safe, but still check the instructions for your barbecue. * If you have cooked only a few delicacies in small quantities and your grills are lightly soiled, you can in this case opt for the ecological method, namely: rub with crumpled newspaper which, in addition to scrubbing, makes it shine ! Last but equally important step: dry your grills and the outside of your barbecue well to avoid the appearance of rust in the long term.

Baking soda is the friend of charred grates!

How do I clean my electric or gas barbecue?

With an electric or gas barbecue, the rule of cleaning after each use also applies! Again, be sure to heat the grates to melt the remaining fat. Then remove the burnt items and the solid grease that has fallen to the bottom of the cooking tray. Then attack the lava stones. Do not soak them in a bubble bath as they are porous. Instead, wash them with a paper towel to absorb any remaining grease, then rinse them quickly with a stream of water.

No jealous, electric or gas barbecues must also be pampered!

Maintain barbecue accessories

What would your barbecue be without beautiful, clean and operational accessories? Not much. Just as you clean your grills after each use, do the same for your cooking accessories. Pliers, knives, spikes ... Don't forget anything. The simplest ? Soak all these little people in a bath of hot soapy water before rubbing with a metal sponge. Do not forget to clean the sleeves often victims of oily fingerprints. Dry your barbecue accessories well before storing them under cover.

The forceps get dirty instead of your fingers. They therefore deserve their little cleaning!

How to maintain my barbecue all year round?

Give it the attention it deserves. After all, he is the one who drives your summer lunches and evenings! In winter, store your mobile barbecue under cover. In summer, if it stays outside, cover it with a cover between two uses. Also remember to remove the ashes, but only after 24 hours as they can still be active.

A protective cover helps protect your barbecue from bad weather.